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You may have already heard this is you're part of the Fiolee club. Here's what it said.

"Rebecca sugar fought and begged pen to have him speak some lines, but they couldnt fit him in  because of time constraints...

incase you dont know who Dante is

He voiced  Zuko from Avatar the last airbender"

I'm crazy sad he didn't get to voice him. If you just visualize it..its like..:iconjizzinmypantsplz:

This is just another reason why i love Rebecca Sugar :iconsighingplz:
Congratulations to all the artists whos art made the Adventure Time FanArt Promo! :party: You can catch it on Cartoon Network or check it out here on youtube :) --->…

You can also watch adventure time online -->…
Okay im gonna try to be as professional as i can about this..

So Finn finally got his long-awaited sugar. (to some) What do you expect in future episodes? What did u think of tonights Adventure Time?

By the way have you heard of the youtube channel Mathematical? When you happen to miss an Adventure Time, they show recaps every Tuesday telling you what you missed and get up to speed. And after the recaps, they often have questions you can call in to and leave a voicemail with your opinion or answer.

Heres the channel where you can watch previous episode recaps and peoples comments-->…

Call in to (917) 408-fred to leave a comment or a voicemail.
well well well someone was reading over Natasha Allegri's formsping and lookie what i found…

im very happy myself right now. im praying this means all u little cheaters out there ;) were wrong about Marshal Lee not speaking and the best is yet to come in 2 weeks :la: it seems to close now, just a little patients.
i found this on the frederator blog on tumblr. its so funny, and so epic :icondeathstareplz:
watch it -->…

its an inception and adventure time mash up. they took the audio from an inception commercial and matched it w adventure time clips. its amazing. it makes me want to see inception so bad now XD

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